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Andrey G. Yavorovskiy

Head of Department of I.M. Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University (Sechenov University)

POSITION: Head of the Department, Anesthesiologist and Emergency Physician

ACADEMIC DEGREE - Doctor of Medical Sciences

ACADEMIC TITLE: Senior Researcher in Anesthesiology and Intensive Care

INFORMATION ON PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT: 06.02.2015 Anesthesiology and Intensive Care

EDUCATION: Higher education, Anesthesiologist and Emergency Physician


YEARS OF TEACHING EXPERIENCE: 1 year and 10 months

PUBLICATIONS: He is the author of more than 300 research papers, including monographs, guidelines, handbooks.

Scientific results and discoveries He developed technologies for pre- and post-conditioning of the myocardium during open heart surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass.